Listening Assignments 3.12.07

1. Illinois - Alone Again - This shifty little number is right at home with a lot of the best indie rock of recent memory. Catchy, hooky, punchy, bumpbumpbumpy. [from What the Hell Do I Know?|buy]

2. Ghoststories - Secret Life of the Union, Pt 1 - I like how this one builds from whispery spidery webs to a nice little snare-driven crescendo. It reminds me of the new Cloud Cult record, but slightly less weird. Cool album art, too. [from Quixoticism|buy]

3. Jon Brion - Here We Go - This song will always be inextricable from Punch Drunk Love for me so maybe there's a lot of added emotional baggage along for the ride, but it always rings as a profound statement on the search for love in this crazy world. "You've gotta hope that there's someone for you...strange as you are." [from Punch Drunk Love Sdtk|buy]

4. Elizabeth Mitchell - Three Little Birds - Right to the point: If you listen to this song and are not instantly cheered up, seek help. I'm not kidding. [from You Are My Little Bird|buy]


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