Nice Shoes, Wanna Funk? Pt. 2

I got a few e-mails about Citizen Cope after referencing him in the Fink post two weeks ago, so I thought he should get his own post. He's got a lot of the same vibe. Lazy-sounding hip-hop soul, battered in creamy church organ, and fried in funkaliciousness. It moves, grooves and oozes with cool. I personally prefer 2004's Clarence Greenwood Recordings, but last year's Every Waking Moment is slowly burning through my prejudice. People like Fink and Citizen Cope allow me to believe there is still hope for this genre and that it's not all just a watered-down reggae-dropout wannabe's club.

Nite Becomes Day
[from The Clarence Greenwood Recordings|buy]
107 Degrees
[from Every Waking Moment|buy]


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