A list of things

1. Go see 300. It's no Sin City, but holy mother is it stunning.

2. Don't knock it til you've tried it: The new Cherry Coke Zero tastes like heaven.

3. March Madness is upon us (or me, anyway). Here's a bracket you can print. Both of my teams, Virginia Tech and Old Dominion made the dance. I'm a happy camper.

4. New(ish) in stores: Lovedrug, The Frames, Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes EP, Field Music, Des Ark/Ben Lee, Lymbyc System...

5. In a few hours, a quickie preview post of upcoming music (The Sea and Cake, more Dntel, Feist, Fountains of Wayne, Margot and the Nuclear So-and Sos). Stay tuned...


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