The Proposition

I just bought this movie last night (Blockbuster has a 4 for $20 deal going on right now), though I'd never heard of it before. Holy lord, it was amazing. Seriously one of the best westerns I've ever seen, it's dirty and beautiful and Nick Cave wrote both the script and the soundtrack. Here's the trailer and some songs from the film...

The Proposition #3
Gun Thing
[by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis from The Proposition Sdtk|buy]

...and perhaps the most powerful song from the film is a traditional Irish song called "Peggy Gordon" beautifully sung by one of the supporting actors Tom Budge as Guy Pearce's brother is brutally flogged in the background. It's not on the official soundtrack so I recorded it with a mic up to the speaker. It's definitely not easy to listen to, but if you're interested, here it is. [Peggy Gordon]


Blogger nivesh said...


ive been lookin for peggy gordon the rendition in the proposition, its awesomely haunting...

the link on ur blog seems to be dead, could ya give a new link ?

8:39 AM  

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