The National Boxer

Naming your band "The National" means it's going to be pretty hard for anyone to find you on google, what with all the other things with "the national" in the title, and doubly so when your website is americanmary.com. But if you do manage to find anything on this talented New York 5-piece, you'll probably be pleased with their quirky heartfelt Americana-tinged sound. The fluctuating rhythms of "Fake Empire" (which opens the new record Boxer) were enough to draw me in and I stuck around to hear an inspiring melodic crescendo. "Wasp Nest" is a mood piece that ends up being one of those "daydream out the window" kind of songs. And finally, if looks is all you care about, there is the pair of creepily identical twins to consider.

Wasp Nest
[from Cherry Tree|buy]
Fake Empire
[from Boxer|info]


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