Rob Crow's Other Men

Everytime I turn around, Rob Crow has a new project. This dude is just insanely prolific and writes amazingly unique and melodic songs. Pinback is the most pretty, and definitely the most well known, but then he's also a solo artist. Then there are Goblin Cock (deathcore?) and The Ladies. Not to mention Thingy and Heavy Vegetable. And now comes Other Men, an odd title to be sure, but a worthy musical cousin to the other projects. Despite the genre at hand, Rob Crow unceasingly brings something intensely complicated and uniquely melodic to the table. Other Men rides a nice fence between two green pastures: On one side, the grassy knolls of Pinback and his recent solo material; on the other side, the flowing fields of Jawbox and Hey Mercedes. It's a little spastic, a little math-rocky, and a lot of awesome.

False Positives
Indiscriminate Proposals of Little Marcy
[from Wake Up Swimming|buy]


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