Races to April (RIP)

Despite a few appearances in the assignments more than a year ago, Races to April has never had their own post. This shall not pass. I booked or played in probably 15 shows over my college years with these first Yorktown-based, then Harrisonburg-based gentlemen. I used to always make them play after my band so I could sit down with a beer and enjoy their set instead of getting all my gear ready to go up on stage. It always baffled me that they didn't explode, but that's the music business for you. Their songs all had fantastic and profound lyrics, cutting melodies, and inventive structure. Truly one of the more unique indie-rock bands I can come up with. Unfortunately after being together for more than 7 years, the boys called it quits in 2005, leaving a huge void in the VA music scene, but at least leaving behind one of my favorite 7-song EP's ever. Miss you, guys.

Top Half of the Everglades "...there's more than blood between brothers and there's more than time between us..."
Neil Armstrong "I'm begging for an honest line to bloom, just to say I love you like Neil Armstrong loves the moon."
[from The Syntax in Everything|info]


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