A Hokie Grieves

I hate network newsmedia. Leaches, wolves, idiots, all. There's blood in the water and the frenzy is already getting old. How can you spend hours of air time without any new information? Why would you do that? Why would you keep interviewing over and over the same kids who had just been shot hours earlier. They don't need you. This interview is not catharsis for them. I got 20 myspace messages yesterday from reporters and gawking strangers asking me for inside details about the shootings and I don't even go to Virginia Tech anymore. I am undone. My heart is broken for these families and my Hokie brothers and sisters. May God hold you and keep you close. I'll keep this list updated as it develops.

Ryan "Stack" Clark
Dr. Kevin Granata
Dr. Liviu Librescu
Dr. G.V. Loganathan
Ross Alameddine
Matthew La Porte
Brian Bluhm
Daniel O'Neil
Leslie Sherman
Maxine Turner
Reema Samaha
Mary Karen Read
Daniel Pérez Cueva
Erin Peterson
Juan Ortiz
Henry Lee
Caitlin Hammaren

Listen: Ida - Don't Get Sad


Blogger Justin said...

I don't even know what to say Drew. I spent only two years of my life there and this thing is killing me inside.

At least we know we can turn to other Hokies in a time like this.

I can't stand the MSM and the White House all grabbing to turn this into some kind of political thing and everyone trying to find who to blame this on other than the shooter himself.

I want to tell the news and Bush to just stay away from us all and let us grieve.

7:42 PM  

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