Chet Baker Sings and Plays...

Chet Baker was a rockstar of a Jazz musician. He was James Dean and Kurt Cobain with a trumpet. A penchant for beautiful (and usually blonde) women, heroin and cocaine addiction, and his mysterious death all contribute to his persistent infamy, put in perspective by these classic recordings of a man blessed with a talent this pure. This was a guy who, at 25, beat out Miles Davis in the Downbeat Jazz Poll. He was also a guy so helplessly addicted that he got his face kicked in while trying to buy drugs after a show in 1966, ruining his ability to play the trumpet and forcing him to re-learn how to play with dentures. He would never be the same. This was a guy who in 1988 filled himself up with coke and heroin and fell (or jumped) off his balcony in Amsterdam to his death. He was the tragic anti-hero, the Johnny Cash of jazz, and an example of another amazing career arc altered early by the addictive power of narcotics. Say no to drugs, kids!

Someone to Watch Over Me
Let's Get Lost
[from Chet Baker Sings and Plays...|buy]


Anonymous Jah Jojo said...

Thx for sharing tracks of this genius - your words are so true.

6:51 AM  

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