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Seriously, I wanted to write about the indie community's disdain for the new Voxtrot record, but then Faronheit wrote this first paragraph and I let out a riotous AMEN!!! I'm posting the same two songs because frankly, they're my favorites. I'm personally glad they went this route because I consistently like this LP a lot more than the previous EP's, which had nice highs and a bunch of songs I couldn't get into. I like the modern indie pop sound with the happy piano and the sizzling hi-hats. I like the strings, or at least the feeling of strings, layered behind the soothing vocals. This feels like Stars, but I also find myself wishing it were more like Sparrow House. It's not mindblowing, but listening to this record makes me think that the next full-length could be epic. They've got a great mood and sound and if they add a few more hooks and ladders, I'll gladly climb them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question: Could you post the track "Easy" from the new Voxtrot album? It's the only one I haven't heard yet. I agree with you.. I think this album is way better than people have been giving it credit for. So far, it's one of my favorites this year.

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