New Rufus

I can say one name and you'll know who I'm talking about. How many of those are there? If I said "John", who might I be referring to? Coltrane, Mayer, or Legend? But then I say "Rufus" and your ears, without effort, hear that cascading vibrato spilling through your brain. Rufus Wainwright is the gay man every straight female I know wants to do it with. He possesses one of the most recognizable voices in music and his new album Release the Stars drops May 15th on Geffen Records. Sure, between the legitimately audience-crossing songs (Not Ready to Love, Do I Disappoint You, Going to Town, Nobody's Off the Hook) , it can be a little Moulin-Rouge-cabaret (Tulsa, Release the Stars, Tiergarten), but hot damn if it doesn't rule. Did you expect anything less?

Going to a Town
Nobody's Off the Hook
[from Release the Stars (out 5.15)|pre-order]


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