Listening Assignments 6.4.07

1. Fields - Song for the Fields - The fast-strummed acoustic makes this sound like it belongs on a modern Cowboy film montage. Shooting bad-guys, galloping full-speed, rearing the horse up on its hind legs, kissing the damsel in a bonnet. Other than that, they sound kind of like Doves. [from Everything Last Winter|buy]

2. Julian Velard - Musta Been Somebody Else - This is live, which speaks to how awesome it was to see him perform last week. Just a tight jazzy number with a transcendent voice. [from Nitetime|buy]

3. Surrounded - Safe Tomorrow Sun - The bombastic open-hi-hat behind it all reminds me of Coldplay, but the swirling synths don't. It smacks of a much-subdued Angie Aparo, more on the chill side than the soaring vocals side. This is definitely a Sunday/Monday song. [from The Nautilus Years (out 6.5)|info]

4. Taxi Taxi - X Marks the Spot - The music video for this should take place on those people movers in the airport, but through the city. The pace of the drums is perfect for walking, the mood of the song is pleasant and reflective, and it's definitely ideal for looping over and over. Hypnotizing. [from Maps & Legends (out 6.12)|preview]


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