Paolo's New Shoes

Oh Paolo, you smooth operator, you. Just look in the mirror, do you not swoon? You just turned 20, you have the swagger and vocal chops of a 30 year old, you're an international sensation. You've got the soul to hang with Ray LaMontagne ("Last Request"), the smoothness of Jack Johnson ("New Shoes"), and you could shake hips with Kings of Leon ("Jenny Don't Be Hasty"). You've opened for the Rolling Stones, your record was produced by Ken Nelson (Coldplay), you're on Atlantic Records, and America has no idea what it's about to get into. I know I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but Paolo Nutini, you're my current music crush. Don't get too comfortable, I'm sure you'll get replaced in time, but for now you've got me doe-eared and weak-kneed. Deal with it.

Jenny Don't Be Hasty
Last Request
[from These Streets|buy]


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