Listening Assignments 8.20.07

1. As Tall As Lions - Stab City - This smartly-dressed quintet from Long Island all but stole the show from Mae last Thursday, flaunting flawless five-part harmonies, energetic and intelligent rhythms, and soaring falsetto melodies. I'm glad momentum is finally picking up for this supremely talented band. [from As Tall As Lions|buy]

2. Jeremy Enigk - Tatseo Show - Just got my signed copy of this "LP", a day before the release. I'm positive I'm not alone when I complain that this record is practically pointless. It consists of 4 new tracks (all good) and 5 live versions of songs from the last album, played almost exactly as they appeared on last year's World Waits. That album also contained only 9 songs, which is especially lame because these "new" recordings are apparently b-sides from that initial recording session, meaning two (if not all four) could have been included in that collection. At the very least, the live songs could have been totally acoustic or solo or something. Note to Jeremy: You're an indie rock god, ok? We don't expect an album from you annually. Take your time and write a record, even if it takes another 10 years. love, Drew. [from The Missing Link|buy]

3. The Sheds - All the Right Things - This guy has a little John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats) in his voice, a little Eef Barzelay (Clem Snide) and a little Ryan Adams. It's only 1:40 long, a concentrated and entirely pleasing jog around a park. "May this music draw you out, you've been too much in your room, soon your angels will forget you and your friends will follow suit." [from You've Got a Light|free downloads]

4. Boats! - Scenic Gorges - Just in case you ever wondered what it would sound like if So Many Dynamos, Of Montreal, and Bishop Allen had a huge orgy, Caligula style. It's fun. [from Intercontinental Champion|buy]


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