Listening Assignments 8.27.07

1. The Jealous Sound - Hope for Us - This is one of the tracks that got me into indie music. Immediately catchy, melodic and modern, but the chorus is straight 2002/2003...which was in turn channeling Sunny Day Real Estate/Pixies circa 1995. [from Kill Them With Kindness|buy]

2. The Weakerthans - Night Windows - It smacks of a mid-tempo Ben Gibbard-penned tune, but in the best way possible. Just a really great, beautiful, solid song. Really looking forward to this album. [from Reunion Tour (out 9.25)|pre-order]

3. Pedro the Lion - When They Really Get To Know You, They Will Run - If this isn't straight up Matt Pond PA (minus the upright bass), then my name's not Orville Redenbacher! Too bad this originally came out in 1998. Advantage: Mr. Bazan. [from It's Hard to Find a Friend|buy]

4. The Cay - The Company Store - With tempo changes, saloon piano, subtle horn-sounding guitars and group vocals, the Cay paint a pretty park picnic picture complete with birds, bees, fresh cut grass, cloud-shapes, and butterflies fluttering by. More vivid with repeat visits. "It's been a long hard day, but I can see the end..." [from Don't Go Out Tonight|myspace]


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