Rewind: The Mercury Program

I was a sophomore in college when I first heard this record. It was the opening drone of the lead track, Tequesta...full of reverberating vibraphones, drifting synth, and a smart little drum beat, eventually joined by a chilling Rhodes Piano. I bought the album on the spot and have carried it with me since, but forgotten about it mostly until now. Mistake #1.

A Data Learn the Language is fitting background for a few important things: Chilling, Reading, Showering, and Making Sweet Love. Its mellow, jazzy post-rock that will blend your brain into a tasty smoothie. Have a friend bring a straw.

Riyl: Minus the Bear, Lymbyc Systym, Mogwai, Aloha.

Gently Turn on Your Head
To/From Iceland
[from A Data Learn the Language|buy]

*there is no mistake #2. I'm infallible.
**Seriously, buy this record. Amazon Marketplace has it on sale starting at $5.79!


Anonymous Justin said...

7.92 on iTunes an some of the best money ever spent online.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Justin said...

Oh, before I forget, if you enjoy The Mercury Program I suggest you check out two other bands with similar sounds.

I'm not a gun



They don't disappoint.

2:20 PM  

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