Listening Assignments 8.6.07

1. Atmosphere - Sunshine - Sun is a double-edged sword. While tanning is nice and warmth is usually welcomed, when it's 100 degrees and moist, the last place you want to be is in the direct path of a colossal ball of flaming gas. I'm not down for changing shirts twice a day, sweaty foreheads, or slippery flip-flops. And I want to at least have the option of wearing a dark colored shirt! But even in this oppressive summer heat, I like to lounge in my AC-filled apartment and see the diffused sunlight spilling into my living room. If anything, the sun helps me appreciate how comfortable my apartment is. And when swimming is involved, oh man the sun is one awesome gaseous orb, isn't it! This song is loosely about all these things. Very loosely. In a hip-hop kind of way. [from Sad Clown Bad Summer 9|buy]

2. Crystal Skulls - Cosmic Door - This Seattle band's previous record Blocked Numbers (2005) is probably one of my top 30 records ever. That's what I call lofty expectations for Outgoing Behavior (2006). And I was, of course, disappointed. But it's still solid enough, with oozing summer jams like this one. The Skulls produce one of the more flawless '70s sound updates in indie rock today. [from Outgoing Behavior|buy]

3. Flight of the Conchords - If You're Into It - By now you should know the name, though you may be behind in the series. It's the best comedy in TV right now, so if you like to laugh and you like music, you'll probably not hate this. You'll probably anti-hate it. There are plenty of dry and awkward moments, a la the office, but more R-rated things like this little love song that evolves into "play" with food and a possible threesome with Brett's girlfriend's possibly (but probably not) gay roommate? Great episode! [from Flight of the Conchords ep 4/The Distant Future EP|buy]

4. There is no four. Nothing is working on the internet today! I can't upload the final song. God this is frustrating.


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