A Peek at Beirut

There's always something cinematic in the music of Zach Condon's creation Beirut. He's singing in English, but somehow, it just ends up sounding European, specifically French or Italian. First it's a gondola ride, next it's an aerial tour of the bordeaux region -- wine country. His tunes germinate like wine as well, slowly converting the sugar into something more intoxicating, something ultimately much more rewarding than the grape juice everyone else is furiously making.

Condon, only 21, has again created a musical masterpiece, even surpassing 2006's modern classic Gulag Orkestar. Though nothing here is quite the level of January's "Elephant Gun", numerous tracks come close and a full-length LP will beat an EP 9 times out of 10. I do think that song should have appeared here. Pre-order this puppy.

The Penalty
In the Mausoleum
[from The Flying Club Cup (out 10.9)|pre-order]
Elephant Gun (linesthroughlines fave)
[from Lon Gisland EP|buy]


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I just did a post on this too- great record! Awesome blog

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