Glory Hope Mountain by The Acorn

My heart did a little dance/made a little love when I discovered The Acorn's newest LP Glory Hope Mountain was available on iTunes (iTunes plus, no less!). It was released on Sept 25th, but ordering from Canadian record labels not named Arts & Crafts can be a minor headache. (note: I've never purchased from Paper Bag, so they could be totally awesome) Still, I may bite the bullet again anyway. I love having physical copies of things and this artwork looks beautiful.

This is one of my most anticipated releases of '07, a direct result of my immediate crush that occurred last December. The Acorn has made no less than 5 (now 6) appearances here including 3 assignments and a mixtape. And it doesn't disappoint.

The sentiment of this record is palpable. Based on interviews with his mother Gloria Esperanza Montoya, a Honduran immigrant, lead singer/songwriter Rolf Klausener tells her story with poignant heart-filled accuracy. This album flows beautifully, from tribute to lullaby, a celebration of life and love. Rolf's organic and slightly trembling voice is as inviting as an afternoon nap under an oak tree. The shuffling snares and fingerpicked guitars are like the wind swishing the leaves overhead. Dream on, little one.

Crooked Legs
[from Glory Hope Mountain|buy it!]


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