Listening Assignments 10.22.07

1. The Most Serene Republic - Jazz Ordinaire - I'm not quite to the point of obsession, but I'm also not sure if I can get enough of this band. I'm light as a feather. [from Phages|buy]

2. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home (Grey Reverend Version) - It's been awhile since I wrote about this, but I just stumbled upon this upcoming expanded single with a beautiful acoustic arrangement of this beautiful song. Of course Grey's Anatomy (name coincidental) recently gave the album version "the treatment." [from To Build a Home: Versions (out 10.29)|info]

3. Canon Blue - Odds and Ends - You know right away by the echoed guitar intro that you're about to be pulled into a swirly vortex of sound. Which you inevitably are. [from Colonies|buy]

4. Days Away - Talk it Over - Two years after 2005's excellent Mapping an Invisible World LP fell through the cracks, DA is still looking for a home. That's what happens if you're on Fueled By Ramen Records and aren't as marketable as Fall Out Boy, Panic!, or Paramore. Cue self-released EP to keep our mouths watering. This one's sugar sweet. [from Ear Candy for the Headphone Trippers|buy]


Blogger Mike said...

i love the acoustic version of to build a home,

7:55 PM  
Anonymous greg z said...

I was at the concert in SF when they did this live. Pretty stunning, but the studio version is even better. Thanks for sharing this!

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work :[

11:15 PM  
Blogger drewcif said...

as stated in the disclaimer on the home page, links are only active for 7 days and assignments active for two weeks. Sorry for the convenience!

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you already hear that Canon Blue has a new free EP out this week?

The Halcyon EP can be downloaded for free here:

feel free to share and to review...

Rasmus / www.rumraket.com

11:06 AM  

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