Filling Up on Philip Uster

Philip Uster + the House Floor = True Love. I know this because I have a t-shirt that displays such a declaration. And if there's anything we should trust in this crazy, upside-down world, it's a t-shirt. And the internet. And me. Hah!

ANYHOO, Drew Worden + The House Floor also equals true love. They are maturing like a robust port, aging with grace and complexity. A little sweeter and a lot stronger. But unlike port, this is no sipping music, it demands your attention. It compels you to let it spill over your palate, exploring its intricate little nooks and hidden depth. As this new EP swirls around my mouth, I taste sweet notes of cheery guitars akin to Plus/Minus and raisin-y rhythms that would make John Davis (Q and not U/Georgie James) proud. The whole thing finishes with a tongue-in-cheek bitterness and leaves my face a nice rosy glow. Then I press play and pour another glass.

Sign My Caste
Camera Shy
[from ...Have Your Gloves of Gold!]
[picking 2 out of the 3 to post was quite a struggle]
[download the whole thing @ their myspace]


Anonymous brian mckee said...

Sign my Caste is refreshing and cleansing in a way but still stays interesting throughout the track.

Camera Shy maintains the bands ideology yet twists the style with wicked cool drumming.

Good Stuff! 3.5 of 5 Sticks

3:23 PM  

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