Birds, Bees, E, P's.

The Bird and the Bee is more than just an abstract euphemism for how babies get made. I've never really understood the parallel. Maybe this group is the missing link. They certainly make me want to procreate. tB&tB are no strangers to this blog. Here's a bit about them! and here's more!

This new EP is definitely less electronic/synth sunnypop and more straightforwardly pleasant indie rock. Really great cover of the Beejees' "How Deep Is Your Love" that'll surely be on next installment of Blankets. I wish more bands would do in-between-album-EP's. With a cover included.

Polite Dance Song
[from Please Clap Your Hands EP|buy via snowcap]
I'm a Broken Heart
[from s/t|buy]


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