Radiohead and Everything Else

Yeah yeah, the new Radiohead album is out. And it's awesome. And I don't know why I'm telling you because you probably already know. I'm probably the 100,000th blogger to write about it in the last 48 hours. This makes me not want to write about it at all.

But it's really good. So...

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
[from In Rainbows|buy]

Other things:
`New Linesthroughlines Banner. Like or dislike?
`I had Tony Romo starting on one of my fantasy teams this week. 6 Turnovers baby!

`How about some hyper-realist art?
`In my first day on eBay, I won my first auction (a sweet pair of duckpin bowling balls) and was outbid at the last minute on another (a lightly used Lanakai Electric/Acoustic Concert Ukelele that went for $66!).

`Rent Severance.

`One of the funnier previews I've seen recently. Movie was grand as well.
`Norfolk Peeps: Minus the Bear and the Helio Sequence @ the Norva tomorrow.



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