Rambling Wrapup

Back to Virginia tomorrow (today if you're on EST).
mixed bag of feelings about it.
Portland was my original home and now experiencing it as an adult, I'm more infatuated than ever.
Much jealousy to all my friends who migrated here, drawn like some phantom power, to where they thrive so completely.

Saw my good friend Cicely twice.
On both occasions, either she or her stellar boyfriend Brian cooked me something incredible, wholesome and humbling.
Missed you C.

Saw Midlake and Maria Taylor last night.
Hard to top that.
Midlake was ungodly good, it was just unfair to musicians everywhere how tight and beautiful they sounded.
Maria Taylor was a pleasant surprise, she and her band owned the stage for 40 minutes and I bought the record.
The ultimate compliment.
Doug Fir Lounge was probably the coolest venue I've ever been to and I'm sad we have nothing of its equal back home.

New Radiohead album in 10 days.
Don't believe me? Go here.
Here are your options: Pay whatever you want (seriously) for a digital download of it or pay 40 pounds ($80) for the hard copy (Dec 3) and a digital download (Oct 10).
New Radiohead.
I repeat. New Radiohead.

Tonight, I'm packing, missing Mom already.
Preparing the assignments for tomorrow since I'll be flying all day.
File hosting website won't load.
Can't upload the songs I want.
Page won't even load the things that are hosted.
Site is down.
Screw you Fileden.


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