Listening Assignments 10.1.07

I'm running out the door for my flight out of here, but the server is back up so I'm rolling with it. No pictures yet, no time. But you get the gist, baby...

1. Maria Taylor - Replay - This song opened her set Saturday night and basically knocked me on my ass. The album version is still very good, but doesn't quite kick like the live version did. The vocals are almost lazy comparatively. I've written about her before. [from Lynn Teeter Flowerbuy]

2. Shapiro - Right and Wrong - Old friends making good. It's always an honor seeing a band progress and mature over time. I'll be the first to tell you that their 2005 EP Pretend You're Alone is one of my favorite releases of that year, but this new 3 song demo displays a new direction, ultimately a more unique one. The track plays like an off-balance carousel, weaving that playful little melody in and out of see-sawing horses and song-drunk riders too captured to get off at the end. [from Ecclesiastesbuy]

3. Georgie James - Henry and Hanzy - The word "rollicking" comes to mind. As does Fleetwood Mac. Which is a nice curveball from this DC duo more prone to the dancy side of '80s style indie. This album is hit and miss, but this is one of the hits. I love it most around 1:29ish. [from Placesbuy]

4. AA Bondy - There's a Reason - The kind of meandering song that is made for road trips in the rain, soaked with desperation and downtempo blues. [from American Heartsbuy]


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