Listening Assignments 10.8.07

1. Lewis & Clarke - Black Doves - It's a dark and brooding journey along the Oregon Trail, apparently. This track marches steadily on surrounded by fleetly-picked guitars and knee-tapping percussion, without the slightest fear of dysentery. [from Blasts of Holy Birth|buy]

2. Magnet - Lonely No More - Despite, or perhaps because of, insane amounts of floor tom, this ends up light and fun, maybe even cute. I love Magnet. [from The Simple Life|buy]

3. Clare & the Reasons - Pluto - awwww, Pluto, I hardly knew ye. Thanks to Clare, I can remember the whole ordeal backed up by a fantastically arranged symphony. This actually sounds more like "classic" Magnet than the track above. Adorable. [from The Movie|buy (iTunes) buy (amazon)]

4. Cocoon - Hummingbird - Really really really sweet duet with some beautiful melodies. Unfortunately, other than their myspace, everything written on this band is in French, and you pretty much can't buy anywhere other than French Amazon for 9,34 euros. Got any euros lying around? [from From Panda Mountains (out 10.22)|info]


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