Black Friday Presents Via Audio

So it's that scary day where you are afraid to go pretty much anywhere. BLACK FRIDAY OOOOH. The post office is swamped. Why is this? Christmas is over a month away. People are ridiculous. The mall's a zoo, though I don't necessarily blame people, what with stores like KOHL's opening at 4am and making their whole inventory 40% off. We've created a monster. What makes little sense to me is that physical shopping for presents is largely a waste of time, in my opinion. I'll go to the mall and spend 3 hours there and come away with three presents that are actually well thought out and relevant to the eventual recipient. There's so much stuff with so little character, all spread out over a mile of walkways and at mostly outrageous prices. Malls are the reason I (and probably all of you) received countless striped sweaters, polo shirts, and slacks for Christmas from relatives over the years, rarely wearing any of them.

Let's end this scourge! Buy online.

Etsy.com - the craft mafia strikes again. something for absolutely everyone.
threadless.com - $10 t-shirt sale runs through Dec 16th.

Via Audio - Presents
[from Say Something|buy]


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Clever song choice.

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