The Light Works of Aloha

It's no surprise Aloha was one of my first blog subjects here. They're a part of my personal pantheon of rock-n-roll and had a great album that came out last January. Considering that was almost two years ago, it's about time some new material materialized. And here it is.

This EP (at 30 minutes long, definitely closer to an LP) is inviting and warm, a work of shimmering pages with gilded edges. Built more organically than their other proper albums, Light Works is layered with acoustic guitars and resonating piano, though almost completely absent are the vibraphones that became a welcome Aloha trademark. This is still the same band, however, possessing the same unrivaled grasp on melody and structure. It's an adequately named piece. A sweet coating makes it easy to swallow, but unknown depths exist below.

Gold World
Body Buzz
[from Light Works (out 12.4)|buy]
I Wish No Chains Upon You
[from Sugar|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A vinyl LP picture disc will soon be available from Mi Amante Records.

5:29 AM  

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