The Desert Island Top 10: Lovedrug

After mentioning my "desert island top 10" here, I really feel like getting back to some of the roots on why I started this blog in the first place. Other than the pitiful burst of self-importance that leads anyone to write about or put pictures of themselves online, I started it because I, like all of you, am the sum of my musical parts. There was a road that got me to this place I occupy now, one that meandered and doubled back on itself, dotted with diners and discotheques, and ended up here. It occurred to me that maybe some of you don't just come here to pilfer the newest tunes, but perhaps because you may subscribe to all of a portion of my tastes. I figured we might learn even more about each other if I revisited some of the landmarks on that path. I can reminisce and you might even discover something. Onward to #10...

Lovedrug - Pretend You're Alive

I picked up this album at Relative Theory Records (RIP) in early 2004 after hearing the title track on the band's myspace via my good friend Kevin. The copy I bought had been punched as a promotional copy and the record wasn't even supposed to be released for another two weeks, but I wasn't going to complain. Coincidentally, I'd also just acquired Stephen King's Needful Things, a masterpiece of a novel starring the devil as a small-town shopkeeper selling the townspeople their wildest dreams in exchange for their souls. It's now my favorite King novel, perhaps due to this album serving as the soundtrack. On repeat, I played this record while I poured over the pages. Never have I heard darkness and beauty so excellently juxtaposed. Imagery of angels, heaven, and halos is countered by that of demons, rats, and ghosts, an ideal companion to this story of macabre.

I can't hear this record without thinking about that book. Without feeling a swelling in my heart, the rise and fall of something dark. It's like a blood lust. When I hear the opening notes of the first track, I'm transformed into something with teeth, something that smells your heart through the night.

Pretend You're Alive


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the song Pretend youre alive

Ali Magnano


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