Listening Assignments 11.26.07

1. Lily Allen - Don't Get Me Wrong (Pretenders cover) - This classic song is always worthy of a listen, especially when hipped up by the sassy Ms. Allen here. Instant dance party and/or nostalgia overload. You decide. [from Radio One Est. 1967|buy]

2. Veda - Still Standing - It occurred to me today that I've never put any Veda (now called Vedera) in the blog (other than a mention here). This is so 2005, back when the assignments were heard by only a handful of fabulous people. They've now been passed up by acts like Eisley and Paramore in the genre of female-fronted pop friendly indie rock, but I was sold the moment I first heard this album. File under "Where are they now and why did they go there?" [from The Weight of An Empty Room|buy]

3. The Go Find - Dictionary - This song is deliciously understated. It reminds me of Stars covering a song off the fantastic new Radiohead album. A smart beat in the background, simple arpeggiation of a clean guitar, dreamy vocals, occasional synth strings that swell into the chorus. The ideal track for a chilly Monday such as this. [from Stars on the Wall|buy]

4. Cocoon - June - I first wrote about them here, and everything's still in French. Since it's nigh-impossible to find, you deserve a second taste. You're about to close your eyes and drift off somewhere else entirely. [from From Panda Mountains|info]


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