Hayden and the Love Long Gone

In part two of our two-day slowcore mini-series, I present to you Hayden. Again. He's back with his first new album in 4 years and damn if it isn't heartbreaking and beautiful.

Idaho and Hayden hit me in a similar place, right in the chest. Delicate gossamer voices, wistful pianos, love long since lost. And baby it's never coming back. But somehow it's not a downer. Somehow, in places like the 2:26 mark of "Damn This Feeling", a ray of sunlight pierces the canopy and illuminates a path out of the murky woods. Somehow it feels like you're drowning slowly in a pool of her perfume, but you're welcoming it. Because you know the only way to move on is to drown, sink lifelessly down the the bottom, right on through the reeds and mud, down through all the weight of the water and world. You need to die and wake up on the other side, anew.

"I'm gonna miss how bad this has felt..."

Damn This Feeling
The Hardest Part
[from In Field & Town|buy]


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