Collections of Colonies of Bees

Thanks to an e-mail from a stranger, I was reminded of a band that piqued my interest right as I was getting into experimentive indie rock, specifically Polyvinyl Records' catalog. Collections of Colonies of Bees is a mouthful of a band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin whose 2003 release Customer turned heads across this great land with its ambitious instrumental rock sound. It sounds like what +/- would sound like if there were no singing and about 3x as many experimental sounds. The pitterpatter of rain, clean acoustic loops, skittering tambourines, knife sharpening, and pots-n-pans mish-mashed with an array of digital blips, beeps and electronically manipulated organic noises. It is a peaceful, relaxing brand of chaos, a soothing massage of your frontal lobe. Falling asleep to this music will surely inspire the dreams you're hoping for.

Flocks III
[from Birds (out 1.22)|info]
Fun (#2)
[from Customer|buy]


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