Classic Idaho Re-Issue

One of the hardest parts about writing about artists multiple times is that sometimes the first thing I said was especially accurate and tough to improve upon. This is especially true with Idaho's initial entry, late November 2006. Add in the fact that this new LP isn't new at all and it's difficult to voice a new emotion. Mostly because there are so many...

The Forbidden EP/Alas is a re-issue of two previous recordings, released in '97 and '98, respectively, smooshed into one streamlined record this time around. The tracklist plays in the exact order of the former records back to back and concludes with an incredible previously unreleased track "The Sun Is All There Is", one of Jeff Martin's more upbeat numbers with a surprise duet ending. Splendid! I can't help but think if Idaho were a new band, he'd be gracing the cover of Paste alongside Sam Beam and Conor Oberst, critics and fans fawning similarly prostrate in his wake. This chill is transcendent. This is how indie-folk should be. There is a reason you find yourself at this place. Press play and take the road less traveled. (It leads to Idaho.)

Hold Everything
The Sun Is All There Is
[from the Forbidden/Alas|buy them*]
*I can't find an online location to buy the re-issue yet, but when I do, these links will be replaced.


Blogger mac said...

my fav. cd of all time. period.

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