My Monday with the Owls

I know. I know it's not Monday. I know the first song on this post would be ideal for a Monday, but here comes the science: Tuesday IS my Monday. I'm always off Monday, I always work Tuesday. Monday is like my Sunday. So when I press play on "Welcome to Monday" on a Tuesday like today, it takes an angel's weight off my shoulders.

The Owls, not to be confused with Wow!Owls, Mezzanine Owls, The Grizzly Owls, or A Band of Owls, are really cute in a grown up way. It reminds me of the soundtrack for The Science of Sleep, chock full of brushed snares, one-finger piano riffs, and adorable female/male vocal interaction. This sounds like I imagine clouds sound, floating smoothly atop the horizon, rubbing elbows with mountaintops, crumpled sheets of tissue paper absorbing the sky.

Welcome to Monday - "Welcome to Monday, we hope you are working hard again...we sent you a card to let you know we were thinking of you."
Peppermint Patty
[from Daughters and Suns|buy]


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