Laborious List

1. First off, above this sentence you can now see the fruits of my labor. That's right, I'm getting completely and filthily rich from operating this blog. Let's see...472 posts...breaks down to about $.21 a blog entry! It's soooooo worth it. ... Actually it is worth it. Sure, it's not always easy. But when I look back at what I've done over the past 1.5 years, it's pretty damn rewarding.

2. I wrote a book of blog yesterday, so I'm a little tapped out at the moment. You should go back and read it if you haven't. It's definitely a result of reading nothing but Chuck Klosterman for the past month.

3. My buds in The House Floor have a new split 7'' LP coming out on new Brooklyn label Sound Friends today. You can download the .zip for free and/or buy the 7'' vinyl for $7. OR you can download it for free and just donate some money for good karma. OR you can just donate some money. Check it out, playa.

4. My little brother is coming into town again today. He's the one who posted those awesome photos from Iraq last April. He'll be here a week, then he'll be returning to Iraq two weeks later. If you're local, we should do something while he's here.

5. Beer update: Siphoned wart (brewed, fermenting beer) into 5 gallon glass carboy for 2nd stage of fermentation on Tuesday. Got a few more days in there before bottling. It looks quite tasty. Any of you ever brewed before? Any pointers would be welcome.

6. Godspeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and your blog.


3:11 PM  

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