Listening Assignments 2.18.08

1. The Bird and the Bee - Come as You Were - Try your damndest not to fall in love. With everything you see. While listening to this song. [from One Too Many Hearts|buy]

2. Ben Karis-Nix - Giants - Trying to move into solo waters after his promising (and effing incredible) previous band (Jupiter Sunrise) kind of fizzled for no reason. Try to imagine an open night sky, stars winking back encouragement. [from We Are Giants Now|buy]

3. Fanfarlo - Sand and Ice - Try to picture an exceedingly (and unfairly) less popular version of the Killers. With less eyeliner. [demo|info]

4. Rafter - Candy Sprinkles - Try to be more careful, try to be more kind. Try to always tell him the good things on your mind. Repeat. End. [from Sex Death Cassette|buy]


Blogger Kent Le said...

What?!?! What happened to Jupiter Sunrise!? Nooooo!!!

12:11 AM  
Anonymous em said...

fanfarlo and the killers in the same sentence?! they have nothing in common at all!!

6:43 PM  

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