Oh Kay Kay Go

Back in November of 2006, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground earned a spot on the assignments with "Hey Momma", a playful dittybop tipped slightly askew by muted trumpet and a circus-like jig rhythm. It was only available on their s/t cassette tape at the time. Finally, almost a year and a half later, Kay Kay's debut LP will become available on February 19th...on vinyl only (includes digital download). And it's still self-titled.

The title doesn't matter because this record oozes The Beatles, Jellyfish, and Jon Brion in healthy doses, with a Pacific Northwest flair. Which is even more surprising considering the two K's in the band (Kirk and Kyle) are formerly of seminal post-hardcore indie rockers Gatsby's American Dream. Whooda thunk they had it in 'em? We're talking thumbtacked-piano, triangle, harmonica, banjo and violins standing akimbo. We're talking about the goods.

Birds (On a Day Like Today)
Hey Momma
[from S/t|buy]


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