Sam is Well

I don't remember where I first heard Samamidon. I certainly didn't break him to the internet, but I do know that I found him one place, fell in love and wrote about it, but didn't see anything else about him for a long time. Then two of my favorite blogs started picking up on him, Said the Gramophone and My Old Kentucky Blog, by way of the expansive Motel de Moka. Now he seems to be around every corner in the blogosphere. Which is pretty cool considering it's just a dude who started recording in his bedroom (but now records in Iceland!).

Sam is no stranger to music, however. His parents enlisted him in their family folk band The Amidons. He has been a part of three other groups. He obviously likes traditional folk music as it dominates his solo work, reinterpreted into new beautiful classics. I'm convinced that he is schizophrenic. A young man of 26 externally with a 60 year old living in his head, crooning with age and emotion about women long since gone. He is forlorn and resigned to fate. He sings of being lost at sea ("until you find me"), watching his daughter's wedding from above, coming back home again a la the Prodigal Son ("When I left my father's house, I was well supplied"). If nothing else, this record is proof that home will always be there. Sometimes the answers to love and life lie in not in the future, but the past. Sometimes your grandfather's ghost will lead you. Sometimes you find out you've had your eyes closed the whole time.


Sugar Baby
Wedding Dress
[from All is Well|buy]


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