Listening Assignments 2.11.08

1. What Made Milwaukee Famous - Resistance St. - I was crazy about their previous LP, which reached my ears in 2006, but was actually recorded way back in 2004. I'm sure the band has been itching to make something new for awhile now. This track, the first glimpse, is immediately more rocking, a little less electro-pop. [from What Doesn't Kill Us (out 3.4)|info]

2. Air Traffic - Come On - "Come On" is one of those absolutely cliched song titles abused by pop bands the world over, but despite its title mediocrity Air Traffic actually gets deeper on this US-release-only bonus track. The best of the rest of the album is piano-heavy soda pop, quite enjoyable if you're into that, but this new opener is definitely darker and dense enough to deserve some critical kudos. [from Fractured Life|buy]

3. Virginia Coalition - Sing Along - When this album drops, I'll do a more thorough background on these homegrown Virginia boys. Singer Andy Poliakoff possesses one of my absolute favorite tenor voices alive, full of syrup and silk. This is definitely VaCo at their most radio-friendly. [from Home this Year (out 3.18)|info]

4. Jeffrey Foucault - Nothin' (Townes van Zandt) - I feel charred by this. My edges are blackened. My corners broken off. I think of nothing but chipped teeth, a fire-lit face, and a white-hot blues guitar echoing through the canyons. [myspace]


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ooh, new wmmf - excellent.

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