Colour and Sound

It's time. Whenever you read this, it will also be the time. It was time last week when the digital version of Colour Revolt's new record became available. It'll be time again when the physical copy drops on April Fool's Day. That time will never change because it always will be now.

Time to abandon all hope. To write letters to loved ones and set out across the desert. Time to wear holes in the soles (and souls) of your boots. To get dirty, to grow a beard, to pound your fists on wooden tavern table tops. To chew straw, to chase a wild horse into the deltas of
Mississippi. To live. To die. To listen.

Enlightenment isn't for everyone. Sometimes you have to be empty to be filled.

What Will Come of Us?
Moses of the South
[from Plunder, Beg and Curse|buy]


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