Somewhere Over the Rhinebow

I finally picked up a copy of Over the Rhine's holy $h%t album The Trumpet Child, so I'm going to tell you about it. Then again, you might already know from Snow Angles or 2.25 or from the mouth of your musically inclined friend Wayne. Or maybe you ignored Wayne because he's a douchebag. This is your second chance.

Karin Bergquist possesses a voice she surely must have traded her soul for, blistering atop this frypan of a musical bed. The only voice I can compare it to right now is Amy Winehouse, but this is purer and more controlled. Less drug-addled. Less trying to be something she's not. Less about disappointment, more about redemption. I feel baptized listening to this record.

Playing @ the Attucks Theatre in Norfolk, VA on April 11th.

The Trumpet Child
Nothing is Innocent
[from The Trumpet Child|buy]


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