Listening Assignments 3.24.08

1. R.E.M. - Supernatural Superserious - Whodathunk it? R.E.M. making another musically relevant rock record after all this time. This song is all over the radio (as it should be) and isn't the only great track on the album either. Welcome back. [from Accelerate|buy]

2. Devotchka - Transliterator - The darlings from Little Miss Sunshine's soundtrack (and a lot more before that) are back with another typically strong offering. This be one of the more even-keeled offerings, a playful keyboard riff alongside a rapidly-panning vocal performance. The strings are especially well-placed. [from A Mad & Faithful Telling|buy]

3. Ane Brun - Ten Seconds - You can't go wrong with Ane Brun. Her bird-like vibrato slices through layers of clouds and lets in piercing stabs of sunlight. [from Changing of the Seasons|buy]

4. Gillian Welch - The Way it Will Be (link removed at the request of Acony Records. They weren't cool with a publicly-broadcasted live performance from 4 years ago being "out there yet". Gotcha.) - Seeing Gillian live (as always, with David Rawlings) was one of the best concert experiences of my life. The theatre was pin-drop-quiet, the voices and guitars completely and impossibly fused as one, swirling around ears and up stairs, into hearts, out open mouths. [live in London 2.8.04]


Anonymous Rob said...

I've had "Accelerate" for about a week now and I still can't get into it. Michael has lost all dynamic range in his voice. it just seems low and grumbly and gruff. musically the "more like monster" sound Peter promised is nowhere t be ound, if anythhing it sound like the band trying to recreate their IRS sound with a bit of a modern update.

I think they need to bring either Mitch Easter or Scott Litt back into produce the next one (if there is a next album) because Pat McCarthy and Jackknife Lee aren't doing them any favors.

on a completely different note, Gillian Welch is an angel who can do no wrong

6:15 PM  

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