A Jagged Boy (Ferraby Lionheart)

Whelp, buying a car ended up taking about 7 hours. So "later" turned into "now" and the car turned into this (except pewter, not silver): 2004 Kia Spectra. I dig.

So, Ferraby Lionheart was here almost a calendar year ago, an assessment posted at 5:40am and chock-full of comparisons to incomparable deceased musicians. This time around, I hear more Rufus Wainwright and Sondre Lerche than Buckley and Smith, but mostly I hear a little songwriter named Ferraby. Forlorn fingered piano parts, warbled falsettos, and the occasional cello mark this entire recording. It's soaked in feeling and holds unique depths ("Call Me the Sea"), but also has some playful meanderings to appease the classic pop bug he ails from ("Small Planet" "A Bell and Tumble"). I missed it last September, which means there's a good chance you did as well. The best things always come around twice.

Uno Ballo Della Luna
Vermont Avenue
[from Catch the Brass Ring|buy]


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