Listening Assignments 2.25.08

1. The Dodos - Fool - From the get-go, the drummer using the drum frame as much as the actual drums, indicating that he likes to have a good time. This plays like an immaculately recorded live performance, the musicians using your smiling reactions as fuel. [from Visiter (out 3.18)|buy]

2. Mobius Band - I'll Keep it With Mine (Bob Dylan) - This song is quicksand. It's also one of the best Dylan covers I've heard in a long, long time. If it catches hold of you, baby, you're going down. [from Love Will Reign Supreme|download]

3. Utah Carol - Come Back Baby - You can't hear the campfire, but you have to know it's there somewhere. You know there's probably a covered wagon, the silhouette of a canyon's edge, distant dogs howling at the moon. You know there's a girl with a melted heart, sitting with a guitar at the fire's edge, pouring it out. Pouring it out. [from Rodeo Queen|buy]

4. Over the Rhine - Trouble - Four minutes and two seconds of hip-swaying, bossa nova seduction. [from the Trumpet Child|buy]


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