Warm for the Forms

My copy of The Forms eponymous 2007 release finally arrived yesterday and general giddiness followed. The Steve Albini-produced record is exactly what I hoped it would be: stellar. The longest track is 3:51, with most hovering between the easy to swallow 2:20-3:10 range. These poppy emo gems are like rock candy. Nostalgic, jagged and sweet. I'm half-upset that I missed out on it last year and half-intending to put qualify it for my '08 year-end lists anyway. At worst, I'll do a feature on "the things I missed in 2008" and include Miracle Fortress as well.

F'real though, qualm: Steve, couldn't you have made the drummer play a different part on "Redgun" than the one he plays on the fantastic opener ("Knowledge in Hand")? I really thought I was listening to the same song again, though I still loved it.

I can't wait to see these guys April 5th in Harrisonburg, VA for Macrock. Feature on that coming in the next few days...

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