The Talented Mr. Sparro

Damn, that white boy can sing!” - Chaka Khan 1994

Sam Sparro made his ltl debut back in November's listening assignments with "Black & Gold", which cracked my top 50 songs of 2008 (#48) and peaked at #2 in the UK. At 25, he's younger than I am, has better pipes, better moves, and a better record than I could hope to make. It's synth sophisticate. A tight blend of soul, r&b, electronica, and strobe lights. But he is no one-trick pony, as evidenced by the record's hidden song, a seemingly live piano ballad, oozing range and attitude, nightclub chatter rolling in the background. Yes, I'm a bit jealous. If you're over 60, you might not want to click play. I don't want you throwing out a hip.

Too Many Questions
Still Hungry (hidden track)
[from Sam Sparro|buy]


Blogger The God Of Biscuits said...

this record is slowly catching up with Robyn's album as my favorite dance record as of late. it's fantastic. "21st century life" brings to mind all of the best thing i love about Prince. great stuff!

1:07 AM  

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