I was playing my iPod at work last night and I put on one of my favorite EP's of all-time: Vroom's Rosebud, which I hadn't listened to in at least a year. It was great, of course, and I realized that I haven't written a word about them on this blog. An injustice at the very least.

Records like this make me realize how the world of music has changed in the last 4 years in relation to the internet. In their heyday, they were a pretty big deal in VA, seemingly destined to find a niche in the popular recording industry. 5 years later, you can find nary a thing about the band on the expanse of the interwebs. Just a tribute myspace page and a for-posterity wordpress blog updated less than once a year. The music stands up surprisingly well today, a testament to the lasting power of a good hook and melody. I'd like to believe things would be different if this EP came out today, but isn't that just one of life's catch-22's. The best we can do now is appreciate it for what it was and add it to a (hopefully) growing repertoire of music that inspires us. Cheers, mates.

Let's Get Physical
[from Rosebud|buy]
Dumb Like That
[from ...Throws Like a Girl|buy]


Anonymous Brett said...

i'm a vroom fan as well. i actually helped them get a gig in atlanta when i was living there and got to see them play live. they were the 3rd of 6 bands to play that night, and their musical experience made all the other bands (including a fledgling Copeland) look laughable.

they're amazing guys that played excellent music, like you said, it's a shame they never gained the spotlight.

(and i came across your blog thanks to the internet while looking for the album artwork for Rosebud to add to my Zune software. i still can't decide between the first run artwork, or the now updated look seeing as i have bother versions on CD)

6:49 PM  

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