Frightened Rabbit Turns Tables

There are just some bands that exude a kind of weightiness. An epic nature. Untold depths. Frightened Rabbit is Scotland's answer to Middle America's emo movement. You don't have to be whiny to be heartwrenching or adolescent to be heartbroken. You don't have to be angular and dissonant to convey emotional instability, but I will say this: nothing tells of redemption and triumph like a 5 minute musical build that started at a whispering plea. With every listen, The Midnight Organ Fight is further positioning itself to be in the top 10 of 2008. This is a record for the lost, the found, the dead, and the born again. The broken, the lonely, the human, the thirsty, the tired and trampled. This is your golden crown.

"You must be a masochist to love a modern leper on his last leg"

Head Rolls Off
My Backwards Walk
[from The Midnight Organ Fight|buy]


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wow! they're great! thanks for the post.

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