Listening Assignments 5.19.08

1. People in Planes - Pretty Buildings - This'll fill your epic mainstream pop quota for the week. Killer melody, and the song doesn't really kick in until after the first chorus. I like restraint. [from Beyond the Horizon (out Summer 08)|info]

2. The Submarines - Brightest Hour - There are a lot of things to like here. The opening tape crackle, inviting your closer to the gramophone, the alternating panning of the adorable vocals, and what sounds like a metronome of crickets taking care of the percussion. [from Honeysuckle Weeks|buy]

3. Adam & the Amethysts - Bumble Bee - If you don't like the first 30 seconds, stick around. Trumpets and layering are your friends and a humanity will be revealed over the course. [from Amethyst Amulet|info]

4. The Autumns - The End - A truly complete song with beautiful male falsetto and clean arpeggiation, building to a dissonant turning point and rousing climax. Yes, I just said rousing climax. [from The Autumns|buy]


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