Listening Assignments 6.18.07

1. The Spill Canvas - Staplegunned - Yes, this originally came out in '05, but apparently it's being re-released again on their new EP. Not that I'm complaining. As far as I'm concerned, the chorus is unstoppable and this should have been all over the radio. Period. [from Denial Feels So Good|buy]

2. Magnet - The Day We Left Town - This Norwegian sensation just released his third full-length, but you can't buy it here in the US yet and iTunes is being super lame. In response, you get a choice track from his '04 album On Your Side. Listening to Magnet is like living a dream, the best dream you can think of. A beautiful blend of samples, electronics, strings, and heart. [from On Your Side|buy]

3. Low Vs. Diamond - This is Your Life - It's trendy to put diamonds in your name (My Brightest Diamond, Lavender Diamond) if you're an indie band. (-1) Ditto for "Vs." (Bear Vs. Shark, Boys Vs. Girls, any mashup out there) (-2). And there's already another band named Low (-3). Despite starting at -3, there's hope for Low Vs. Diamond. They ooze Lovedrug/Snow Patrol/Arcade Fire (+3). And they're really good. (+10). [from Life After Love EP|buy]

4. Paul Carrack - No Easy Way Out - This man is the voice/songwriter behind some of my favorite songs of all time. "Tempted", "Silent Running", "Coffee In Bed", "Living Years", etc, etc. This could pretty easily be my favorite singer ever. Definitely top 5. The melody of this song rules. [from Blue Views|buy]


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